Green city total solution provider

One of the core strengths that differentiate Greenergy from its peers is its ability to offer a total solution package for clients that look for a “one stop” comprehensive “go green” solution. With expertise in Electric Vehicle Charging System, Photovoltaic Power Generation, Energy Storage and Peak-Shaving Optimization, Greenergy can provide a complete “go green” plan for city-level clients. In the process, Greenergy’ s partners around the globe will also provide relevant expertise and products such as Industrial Design and construction for city-wide projects.

Photovoltaic & Energy Storage Solution

Greenergy will work closely with clients and choose the most viable customized products and services for their specific needs. Moreover, in partnership with our high quality lithium iron battery suppliers, our clients can be sure to receive the best integrated-system products.

EV Charging Station Solutions

E-Bus Fast Charging
Public Charging Station for Commercial Area
AC Charging for Home Use
PV Energy Storage and EV Charging Station

Customized Engineering Development Service

Greenergy can provide the following customized product and engineering development service for our clients.

Battery Management System

Energy Storage System packaging

Control Systems for EV & HEV drives

Fast EV Charging Systems &V2G

Renewable power Inverters/Converters

Smart Grid & Micro-Grid Control Technology

Test Systems for Batteries & Micro-Grids

Cloud based, real time data acquisition, Analytics & Visualization

DSP based embedded Real Time Control Systems

Bi-Directional, Grid-Tied Battery System Inverters

Mechanical and thermal management of power electronics

Digital – Precision Power Supplies

Software programming/integration and custom GUI interfaces

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